XenForo v1.1.4 is out with many bug fixes and improvements

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XenForo v1.1.4 is out with many bug fixes and improvements

The XenForo Developers has just rolled out XenForo v1.1.4 with many bug fixes and new improvements. In this new version of XenForo I can see that there are much more new features and improvements than the previous update (XenForo 1.1.3), which is good. Below is the full list of features:

Feature Improvements:
Some of the feature improvements in 1.1.4 include:
  • Stronger spam prevention
  • Ability to see if there are any registrations that need to be approved from the moderator bar
  • Spam cleaning a user will automatically close any pending reports for their content
  • Read only access to registration date and last activity on profiles in the admin CP
  • Item count support for navigation tabs
  • Additional admin-only links on the front-end profile page
Bug Fixes
Some of the bugs fixed for 1.1.4 include:
  • No more blank pages when rebuilding templates
  • Improved PHP 5.4/5.5 compatibility
  • User group changes can be orphaned, leading to situations where automatic group changes fail
  • CSS arrows do not display nicely in Firefox in some situations
  • Added phrases used by the rating template
  • Incorrect/inconsistent CSS parsing for style properties
  • Improved handling of unknown CSS constructs for style properties
  • User confirmation records not pruned
  • Adjusted the Skype custom field to support Windows Live addresses (since they merged)
  • Conversation recipient_counts being changed in incorrect scenarios
  • Improved HTML parsing in RSS feed imports
  • Improved performance in calculating banned/discouraged IPs
  • Spam cleaner did not work correctly when used multiple times without reloading
  • Spam cleaner did not delete soft deleted posts
  • Performance improvements updating thread/attachment view counts
  • Improved performance when loading the style property editor
  • Required profile fields may be able to be skipped on registration
For more information and how to download XenForo v1.1.4 please visit http://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-1-1-4-released.47030/

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