How to install Portal for xenForo with XenPorta

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How to install a Portal for xenForo with XenPorta

In the previous post I talk about Google Analytics for xenForo. In this one it will be about a xenporta add-on. It is alway good to have a Portal on the forum to show announcements or news. Even though xenForo is a new forum software but has many great developers who develop many great add-ons, styles, and modifications for us. In this post we will talk about a portal add-on for xenForo called XenPorta made by Jaxel from 8wayrun. This add-on is one of the top downloaded add-on on the xenForo Resources. It bring many great features that a portal for forum should have. Below is the lists of features.

  • News portal linking to admin defined forums
  • THREAD PROMOTION to add to the news portal
  • Categories for news articles and promoted threads
  • Index routing to take over the /index location
  • Fully modular system with import/export
  • Module caching based on individual timestamps
  • 8 pre-installed module blocks, with dozens of additional blocks available to install from the package.
How to install a Portal for xenForo forum with XenPorta

Step 1: Download [8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) v1.5.6 at

Step 2: Upload all contents in the .zip file you downloaded to your hosting

Step 3: Go to your Admin CP > Add-ons > Install Add-on

Step 4: You will see 2 options. "Install from uploaded file" and "Install from file on server".

Step 5: In this case we will choose to install the add-on from file on server. Copy library/EWRporta/addon-EWRporta.xml and paste it in there. And click "Install Add-on" button.

How to install a Portal for xenForo with XenPorta
Step 6: Wait a few minutes for the installation to complete and you will get full control of the add-on.

Step 7: According to Jaxel, you need to add these code in xenForo templates.

At the absolute bottom of "thread_view"
<xen:hook name="thread_view_share_after" params="{xen:array 'thread={$thread}'}" />
At the absolute bottom of "forum_view"
<xen:hook name="forum_view_pagenav_after" params="{xen:array 'forum={$forum}'}" />
For more information you can visit . I personally recommended all of you to install this great add-on.


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