How to add Related Posts for XenForo

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How to add Related Posts for XenForo
Displaying related posts below each topics on your forum is the best way to keep members and visitors stay on your forum longer. Not just that it also help Search Engine like Google crawl them faster and much easier. That's why in this post I will help you install related posts for XenForo using a add-on called View more thread same category developed by vinavb.

What this add-on does for your forum is that it will show a list of related posts below the first post in a thread. Moreover, if you don't want related posts you can choose to display random posts or even popular posts instead.

  • Enable/Disable Add-on
  • Display random / most views/ latest thread same category with thread reading
  • Display number threads
  • Length of the title
  • Display time posted thread
How to add Related Posts for XenForo

To me this is a really great add-on. You could try it out by download it at Good luck and Enjoy.


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