How to add DISQUS Comments System to XenForo

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How to add DISQUS Comments System to XenForo

In the previous tutorial we talked about adding Facebook Comments into XenForo. Today it will be about integrating DISQUS Comments System in XenForo. Disqus Comments is also another greatest commenting system beside Facebook Comments, Livefyre, and more. Of cource there are some benefits of adding Disqus Comments in XenForo.
  • Give visitors more choices in commenting
  • Easy to manage
  • Increased traffic and revenue
  • And much more
When adding DISQUS Comments System to XenForo it doesn't mean that you have to delete your own comments system that already added for you in XenForo. Disqus Comments is just another option for you visitors to comment on. For example, if they read a thread in your forum and have a quick question but doesn't want to sign-up to be able to comment then they can post their comment using DISQUS. Very quick and easy way for visitors to comment with just their Name or even with their social networks account. What are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Step 1: Visit and click on "Get this on your site" button.

Step 2: You will be redirect to a register page where you can add your forum url, your forum name, and more.

How to add DISQUS Comments System to XenForo

Step 3: When you're done filling out basic information click "Continue". Now you will get to choose your platform. Disqus offered many great platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc, For us we just need to chooose Universal Code.

How to add DISQUS Comments System to XenForo
Step 4: When clicking on Universal Code it will redirect you to a Setup instructions page. All you need to focus on is the first code that they give you in Step 1.
How to add DISQUS Comments System to XenForo
Step 5: Go to your XenForo Admin CP and search for template called ad_message_below. Then copy and paste the code right below the template. Then you're done. Where do you check it? Well, just visit a random post on your forum and look at below the first post you will see the DISQUS Comments box. That's mean you have successfully added DISQUS Comments System to XenForo. You can manage/delete/edit comments by login to

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