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How to install Tynt in XenForo and get backlink from content thieves
Many people usually copy contents from some where else and put it on their site without leaving a source(s) where they found it. This happen a lot of time to me and I'm using Tynt to prevent it. What is Tynt? Tynt is a free service that help you avoid plagiarism and help you get backlink from people that copy and paste your contents on their site. In this post I will show you how to install Tynt in XenForo and get backlink from your content thieves.

Step 1: You need to create your own account at http://tynt.com/
How to install Tynt in XenForo and get backlink from content thieves
Just enter your email address, your forum link, and password. Very simple right?

Step 2: Once your account has been created you will be redirect to a Install and configure page. Here you will see a script which you need to add it on your XenForo forum.
How to install Tynt in XenForo and get backlink from content thieves
Step 3: Copy the green script and go to your forum Admin CP. Search for a template called page_container_js_head and paste the script you copy in Step 2 in that template. That's it. You're done. But wait, there is more features in Tynt Control Panel. Go ahead and check it out. Good luck and Enjoy!
XenForo v1.1.4 is out with many bug fixes and improvements

The XenForo Developers has just rolled out XenForo v1.1.4 with many bug fixes and new improvements. In this new version of XenForo I can see that there are much more new features and improvements than the previous update (XenForo 1.1.3), which is good. Below is the full list of features:

Feature Improvements:
Some of the feature improvements in 1.1.4 include:
  • Stronger spam prevention
  • Ability to see if there are any registrations that need to be approved from the moderator bar
  • Spam cleaning a user will automatically close any pending reports for their content
  • Read only access to registration date and last activity on profiles in the admin CP
  • Item count support for navigation tabs
  • Additional admin-only links on the front-end profile page
Bug Fixes
Some of the bugs fixed for 1.1.4 include:
  • No more blank pages when rebuilding templates
  • Improved PHP 5.4/5.5 compatibility
  • User group changes can be orphaned, leading to situations where automatic group changes fail
  • CSS arrows do not display nicely in Firefox in some situations
  • Added phrases used by the rating template
  • Incorrect/inconsistent CSS parsing for style properties
  • Improved handling of unknown CSS constructs for style properties
  • User confirmation records not pruned
  • Adjusted the Skype custom field to support Windows Live addresses (since they merged)
  • Conversation recipient_counts being changed in incorrect scenarios
  • Improved HTML parsing in RSS feed imports
  • Improved performance in calculating banned/discouraged IPs
  • Spam cleaner did not work correctly when used multiple times without reloading
  • Spam cleaner did not delete soft deleted posts
  • Performance improvements updating thread/attachment view counts
  • Improved performance when loading the style property editor
  • Required profile fields may be able to be skipped on registration
For more information and how to download XenForo v1.1.4 please visit http://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-1-1-4-released.47030/
How to make your XenForo mobile friendly

Last time I wrote about Soft Responsive a great Responsive Style for XenForo. But it's not a free style though. So some of you may not like the price of it or don't have enough money to buy it. In this post I will help you make your XenForo forum mobile friendly by installing a free mobile style. This one works best on all smartphone browsers. Below is a demo (Thanks ip0dhacker for sharing)
How to make your XenForo mobile friendlyHow to make your XenForo mobile friendly

First we need to download the mobile style for XenForo. You can download it from here. Once the download is completed unrar the file and upload contents of upload folder to root directory. Then install style-tinhte-mobile.xml in your Admin CP.

After that you will need to download Mobile Switcher add-on for XenForo. You can find that at the XenForo Resources. Upload ChipXF/ folder to library > Import XML file. Check out a screenshot below.

How to make your XenForo mobile friendly

Now just go to Options in your XenForo Admin CP and set the mobile style for your forum. Then that's it. You have successfully make your XenForo a mobile friendly forum. Your members will be more than happy to check it out. Good luck and Enjoy! If you have any question please feel free to comment. Don't forget to Subscribe and Like us on Facebook to get free updates regularly.
What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd
At some point we have to ask ourself "What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd"? There are so many different part that made up a XenForo Software. Each parts make XenForo stand out and attractive a lot of forum owners and webmasters. For example, SEO Friendly make XenForo stand out among many other forum software. In this article I will show you what's it that make XenForo a better forum software compare to Vbulletin, PhpBB, MyBB, etc..
What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd 
1. User Friendly
When I first install XenForo on my localhost// I said WOW right after because of its default style and easy navigation. The default style in XenForo is very intuitive and user-friendly. Not just me but most people will find it attractive and you can also keep your visitors to stay longer on your XenForo forum. 

2. Great Resources and Support Many Languages
On the official website of XenForo there is a tab called XenForo Resources. This is where forum owners who bought a XenForo license can actually download different kind of resources for their forum such as Add-ons, Styles, Graphics, Template Modifications, and read the XenForo Tips and Guides. Moreover, you will find different kind of languages available for your forum needed. They has Vietnamese, German language, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic Language, French Language, and much more. 

3. Alerts & SEO Friendly
One of my favorite thing about XenForo is they have a feature called Alerts. This feature just like Facebook, it will let the members know if someone is reply back to their topic or like their topic. Another thing is SEO Friendly, to be honest once your XenForo forum is up and running you will be more than impressive about the SEO feature that XenForo have. You don't have to worry about installing breadcrumbs for better SEO or anything. It's installed for you already.
With XenForo there is no need to pay more for your search engine optimization needs. Human-readable URLs, semantic HTML with embedded microdata, and many more SEO features are present in the very core of the system.
4. Easy to Manage and Control
Do you really hated when people is spamming your forum and/or your members is writing profanities in their comments. With XenForo Admin CP you can actually have control over that. You can cross out bad words using the Censor feature, ban users, creat new forum node and much more.

5. Easy Installation
XenForo is a forum software that can be installed easily without editing any files. Once you get it upload it to your host and go to your forum domain to install it. That's not it, installing add-ons and styles can also be install on your forum in some simple steps.

What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd

6. Fast Loading
Every forum owners want their forum to load fast so that visitors and search engine will keep coming back and see their forum as a user friendly site. This element take a big part in the SEO Competition everyday. With XenForo you don't have a worry about it because it is a fast loading forum software.

And there is more for you to explore. Try and free demo here and buy XenForo now for just $140. For more information and details about XenForo please visit http://xenforo.com/

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Want a Responsive Style for XenForo? Try Soft Responsive!
 Image: johnpolacek

What is responsive design? Responsive design is a kind of design for website/forum that will work best on both Desktop and Mobile browsers. Do you want to have a Responsive Style for XenForo? If yes then you should definitely want to try out Soft Responsive! A top responsive design style for XenForo. It can works on the Desktop and Mobile browsers such as Safari on the iPhone. Take a look below.

Want a Responsive Style for XenForo? Try Soft Responsive!
Want a Responsive Style for XenForo? Try Soft Responsive!
Let's say that if one of your visitor visit your forum using an iPhone then it will automatic redirect that person to the mobile style of your forum. So it's very important to have a Responsive design for XenForo. You can get Soft Responsive for just 39.00 USD from the XenForo Resources. Don't wait until it's too late, buy now! You can also check out some of the demo that they have there too. So go ahead and explore this responsive design for XenForo.
Do you like to know how many people is currently viewing your forum node? If yes then you should install Xenplaza - Number Viewing a Forum. This is a very great add-on, it will help showing number of visitors/members viewing each forum. Below is a demo:

How to show number of vewing a forum in XenForo

The installation is very simple. First you have to download this add-on at the XenForo Resources. Then upload it to your forum root. Install the .xml document in your Xenforo forum Admin Control Panel. Lastely, go to the template called node_forum_level_2 and search for the following code:
<h3 class="nodeTitle"><a href="{xen:link forums, $forum}" data-description="{xen:if @nodeListDescriptionTooltips, '#nodeDescription-{$forum.node_id}'}">{$forum.title}</a>
Right below it add this code:
<xen:include template="XP_memberViewing" />
That's it. You have successfully install Xenplaza - Number Viewing a Forum. Now you can see how many people is viewing each of your forum node. Good luck!

For more information please visit http://xenforo.com/community/resources/xenplaza-number-viewing-a-forum.998/
How to import vBulletin 4 to XenForo using vB4 Importer
In the previous post I have some great reasons why we should move from vBulletin to XenForo. Maybe some of you made up your mind after you read that post. Well then, in this tutorial I will help you import your vBulletin 4 to XenForo using vB4 Importer.

Step 1: Download vB4 Importer at here

Step 2: Upload vBulletin4.php to the following directory \library\XenForo\Importer\.

Step 3: Go to your Admin CP, select Tools -> Import External Data, and select Vbulletin 4 Importer
Step 4: Fill in the MySQL server, the MySQL port, MySQL User Name, MySQL Password, MySQL Database name, Table Prefix, Force Character Set, and then click on "Validate Configuration".

How to import vBulletin 4 to XenForo using vB4 Importer
If the connection is successful, it will show a list of things such as a user forum, thread, etc, and asking if you want to import. Go ahead and import your Vb4 to XenForo. You're done! Good luck!

For more information and instructions please visit http://xenforo.com/community/resources/vb4-importer.1025/